Thursday, October 4, 2012

Local Broadband Planning Team Updates

1. FremontConnect  This team is making great progress. They have identified a carrier neutral location that is located on an existing fiber ring around Canon City. In addition, a redundant fiber connection to the outside world is planned.

2. ChaffeeConnect: One year after the first meetings, we are happy to report that Chaffee Telecom, LLC is busy constructing a redundant middle mile (Gbps+ microwave) into the county connecting Poncha Springs, Salida, Mt Princeton Hotsprings, Monarch Ski Mountain and Buena Vista. In addition, very fast (10 Mbps+) fixed wireless will be available in those markets as well.

3. CusterConnect: Six months after their first meeting this hard-charging team is exploring an aerial fiber solution to provide Westcliffe and surrounding areas with a redundant, abundant and affordable middle mile solution.

4. NW CO Broadband Cooperative: Articles of incorporation, by-laws, etc are ready to go on this cutting edge broadband team. Carrier neutral locations are planned for both Steamboat Springs and Craig. Grand County is plugged into the planning and is exploring a needs assessment.

5. San Luis Valley Broadband Cooperative: Saguache county now has a new fixed wireless service provider, Crestone Telecom, LLC building out county-wide including Center, Saguache, Villa Grove, Moffat, and Crestone. A redundant fiber link over La Veta Pass is complete (thanks GoJade!). A carrier neutral location is planned for Alamosa.

These are just the high points. I invite others to report in.

Frank Ohrtman

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  1. Frank, here in Region 9 we are also relatively new as a group but have cemented a diverse group and are starting to make some progress.

    1. We are now attempting to validate the Colorado Broadband map of assets in our region to include wireline, wireless, and mobile broadband. We believe that, in order to identify underserved areas of our region, we must know what we have/don't have and where our current ISPs have submitted incorrect or exaggerated coverage and available speeds.

    2. Via the City of Durango and their license agreement with Mobile Pulse, most of our team is contributing to a study of mobile data usage across our region. This is most useful on many fronts and we are fortunate to have usage across the incumbents.

    This first item above will keep us very busy as a group for a while.... Hope this was informative and useful.