Thursday, April 4, 2013

Free Webinar on Rural Broadband in Colorado

’ll Vote for You if You Make My Netflix Work  - Broadband Economics Lessons from Colorado
Thursday, April 11th, 1pm ET

Mere entertainment value has been back-seated as a driver for broadband services. Today, it’s the lifeblood necessary for communities of all sizes to prosper.

Remote healthcare, education, commercial transactions, and public safety are just a few examples of applications that need reliable, high-speed, and affordable access to modern broadband service.

Recent government programs funded construction of middle-mile facilities in many corners of the U.S. But now what? How do states and local governments ensure the economic vitality of their communities through continued development of modern communications systems?

In this webinar, broadband activist Frank Ohrtman, and Ciena’s Chris Janson, will describe the experiences of broadband deployment in Colorado and offer lessons that can help communities across the U.S.

Attend and learn how:
Broadband is an essential utility, needed for economic prosperity in ALL communities
The “five A’s” of community broadband help you develop a locally optimized solution
Financing the network comes in many, sometimes non-traditional, forms

If you’re looking for new insights to help your community, this webinar is for you! Register today

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